25 March - 31 May 2023

From 25 March to 1 June, the HELENE BAILLY gallery is colouring the 71 rue du Faubourg-Saint Honoré.

Eternal struggle between line and color, between Poussin and Rubens, color has always managed to take its place at the center of creation since the Renaissance. It was at the heart of all the preoccupations of the early 20th century, of which the Fauves, from 1905 onwards, were the main ambassadors. Colour is an inexhaustible source of creation and artistic genius, remaining the subject of all sorts of interpretations.


In the context of Dialogs, Liu Bolin is the guest in this new exhibition. In 2005, Liu Bolin presented his first series "Hiding in the City", a self-portrait of the artist, immobile and covered in paint, merging with the rubble of his studio, located in the artists’ district razed by the Chinese government. A silent protest: Liu Bolin makes himself invisible to be noticed. Since then, he has been creating works that combine photography, body art, optical art and living sculpture. This man-chameleon poses for hours in front of a wall, a lands- cape or a monument in order to blend into the scenery - eyes closed, his silhouette barely visible - with the help of his assistant painters, without any digital trickery. At the end of the camou- flage process, he freezes the performance thanks to photography.
The artist questions the hidden meaning of the settings he uses, bringing reflections on politics, consumerism, the environment, marriage or food.