HENRI MARTIN 1860-1943


Henri Martin pursued a brilliant academic career. He first studied at Toulouse's school of Fine Arts where he was awarded a scholarship to fulfill his studies at Paris's school of Fine Arts. Though still a student, he received state commands and was awarded a first class medal at the Salon. In 1885, thanks to a second scholarship, he traveled to Italy. Henri Martin's first artworks are close to that of the Symbolists. However, in 1900, once settled in the Lot, more precisely at Labastide-du-Vert, his technique changed and tended toward Divisionism. He became particularly interested in the rendering of light and color. This new interest for the rendering of atmosphere remained important to him up to the end of his life. In 1923, Henri Martin bought a house in Collioure where he continued painting landscapes, harbors, villages, and the impact of light on them. Since his beginnings, the public appreciated Henri Martin's production. Several solo exhibition were dedicated to him, such as the one held in 1910 at George Petit's Gallery or in 1935 at the Petit Palais.