HENRI HAYDEN 1883-1970


After studying at Warsaw's School of Fine Arts, Hayden settled in Paris in 1907. His first artworks realize outdoors, reflect the influence of Cézanne whom he discovered during a retrospective dedicated to him in 1907. Hayden was initially close to Cubism and artists such as Gris or Picasso. He progressively broke away from the group to return to landscape painting around the 1920's. This transition was intertwined with a certain loss of interest for Hayden's artwork. It was only years later, at the beginning of the 1950's that his artwork was the subject of a renewed interest. In 1962, he settled in the Parisian suburbs, at the Ferté-sous-Jouarre where he explored all the landscapes of the area for his paintings. Other than painting, Henri Hayden is also known for the engravings he realized at the end of his life. As his paintings, they essentially represent landscapes.