Saint-Petersburg 1914 - Antibes 1955

De Staël was an orphan and lived with an adoptive family in Brussels from 1922. He studied at the Royal Academy for Science and Arts in Belgium in 1932. He traveled trough Europe in the 1930’s and joined the Foreign Legion until 1941.

Since 1942, de Staël turned from a classical and figurative work to a radical abstract painting. He worked with oil paste with knives and trowels. He settled in Nice where he met Alberto Magnelli, Jean Arp, Sonia and Robert Delaunay who inspired him for his first abstract works, the Compositions.

During World War II, de Staël met Georges Braque. He had his first personal exhibition in 1944 with Kandinsky and Magnelli. He became very successful in the United States and in England during the 1950’s, but a breakdown isolated him in the south of France, in Antibes where he committed suicide on March 1955.

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