Tours 1982

Plastic space I discuss is the space between images, between times and between different stages. Between given reality and its upcoming or past transformation. The intermission is the mutation step of perceptible events or perceptual processes. The construction phase is the real turning point or the switch to the imperceptible discernible. My approach focuses on stealth and its immateriality. I am interested in the optical phenomenon shown in photography and video, and transposing this into sculptural fields.

The ephemeral immediacy, echo, speed, distortion and retinal persistence are at the heart of my concerns. The objects that I present come from a distortion of light, material or spirit. Becoming tangible, a reflection, a mirage, the legendary green flash, the phenomenon of blur motions are no longer a dysfunctional view. They lose their deceptive nature, their spooky faces and are elevated to witnesses, those of a reality in construction, a kind of alternative reality.

I feel the instability of our perception through these gaps, indefinable moments between two stages, surveyed by illusions and chimeras abstract spaces. Existing between the images, sensations, mental projections, that are necessary to any construction. The forms and images that I present are supposed to characterize these inventions of the mind.


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