Guadalajara 1973

Luis Rodrigo's work is fuelled by the force and the freshness of his drawing. Although the presence of figures is constant, it is mostly an abstract world that uses 'recognizable' images. The antagonistic spaces that he creates complement and explain each other : intricate superimpositions, an isolated word, character or expression. His 'networks' of drawings echo the interconnectivity of the elements of the universe. It is as though an X-ray of the present moment were possible, together with all the parts that compose it, whether these be concrete or imaginary, whether they are one's own or have been appropriated... He transposes these contradictory spaces in his choice of materials, which go from acrylic paint, to watercolours, neon lights, graphite or adhesive tape. Language, childhood and play are the driving forces in his work of art. The first is present as a point both of meeting and separation. The second represents human essence. And the third symbolizes constant reinvention.

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